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We have over 30 years of experience in the business, both regarding to buying and selling companies.

We are convinced that a key for starting a business today is the company's ability to self-build their core competencies. At the same time they should be secure in the foundation and that support measures are handled by reliable hands. Our consultants provides valuable advice in business strategy as well as a variety of other advantages. We contact people from all regions to find the best opportunities addressing the challenges and eventually change your whole business. We invite you to see for yourself some of our core competencies on our web site.

It is not without reason that Ltd companies today is Sweden's fastest growing business Ltd company gives you the benefits and freedom as an AB (Swedish limited company), but at the cost of a sole proprietorship.

Delivery Time: Ltd company within 24 hours, we are directly connected to Bolagsverketꞌs equivalent in England.

We always have Swedish Private Limited Company – Trading Company

Our ready-made companies have usually:

  • Notice of tax assessment for self-employed persons
  • VAT registration
  • Employer registration
  • Bank account in a Swedish bank, Bankgiro or Plusgiro

We are directly connected to Bolagsverket and monitors orders on hand. 

Of course, we treat all matters confidential. In connection with the deal we establish agreements and all the documents to Bolagsverket.

You can pay us by following alternatives: MasterCard - Visa - American Express – Bank giro or Plusgiro



  • Ltd är bolagsformen som erövrat Skandinavien med storm!
  • Santander Bank & Den Norske Bank (DNB) driver verksamheten i Sverige med Svensk Filial (SUF)
  • Välkommen att kontakta oss för kostnadsfri konsultation och offert.